DTU, University of Copenhagen, and the Confederation of Danish Industry have developed a folder with cases that illustrate some of the many uses of neutron and X-ray scattering for companies.Initially, two folders have been made with examples from the food and energy sectors. Later, a folder with cases from the metal and engineering industries will also be developed.

You can download the case folders by clicking on the links below.


Download the folder "Advanced Tools in Energy Technology Innovation" here.


Download the folder "Advanced Tools in Food Innovation" here.

You can download the individual cases as fact sheets by clicking on the links below.

Amminex Emissions Technology

Read about Amminex Emission Technology's collaboration with the Imaging Industry Portal at DTU.

Ost fra Arla Foods

Learn about how Arla sees great potential in using neutrons to improve its cheese products.

Chr. Hansen teknologi

Read about how Chr. Hansen collaborates with University of Copenhagen on the use of X-ray technologies.

Danish Meat Research Institute

Learn about the importance of advanced data processing for DMRI's test results.

Rockwool International

Read about how Rockwool uses X-ray tomography to examine the structure of its products.

Tulip Food Company

Read about how Tulip uses X-rays to ensure that there are no foreign objects in its products.
25 APRIL 2019