Mappings of applications and best practice

Experience shows that it is important to get an early start if a region is to realize the growth potential that follows with the establishment of large research facilities. In order to create an informed knowledge base for this work a number of mappings are made to:

  • Clarify which companies and research environments that could benefit from using ESS, MAX IV, and XFEL and identify barriers for the use of the technology.
  • Identify best practices and illustrate how companies can cooperate with universities to exploit the possibilities of ESS, MAX IV, and XFEL. This includes mapping the possibilities for tech transfer and barriers related to the transfer of IPRs from the facilities to Danish companies.
  • Clarify how ESS and MAX IV can be used to attract international companies to the Capital Region, and identify the clusters it could be relevant to attract.

See the mappings here (in Danish).
25 APRIL 2019