Bridging the gap between business, universities, and ESS, MAX IV, and XFEL

Private companies will to an increasing extent need to be able to analyse and characterise materials and processes on a much more detailed level than is possible today. There are, however, a number of barriers for companies that are interested in exploiting the opportunities offered by ESS, MAX IV, and XFEL.

First and foremost, it requires highly specialised knowledge to be able to carry out tests at the facilities. Only few companies possess this expertise. Therefore, it is an essential activity in the project to build networks between companies, research institutions, and the research facilities.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Create and test a pilot model of a full scale test centre at the Technical University of Denmark, called the 3D Imaging Centre, to help researchers and companies with a very important use of the facilities. The pilot model, called the Imaging Industry Portal opened in January 2014 and is welcoming companies. Read more about the portal here. The fully developed centre will offer counselling, technical support, data analysis, and training related to the use of the facilities that meets the needs of the individual company. The centre will also offer focused collaboration with relevant research groups.
  • Explore how the Data Management and Software Centre can be used as a platform for creating a regional hub related to the management, analysis, and processing of data. The activity will also focus on activating relevant research fields and map which opportunities the data management centre will bring universities and companies.
  • Establish a network around E-XFEL with the purpose of raising awareness of the applications of XFEL to relevant companies, institutions, and research groups.
25 APRIL 2019