ESS and MAX IV as Growth Engines for the Capital Region of Denmark


In the coming years, two advanced research facilities will be built in Lund, Sweden: the neutron source ESS, which will be the largest and most advanced of its kind in the world and the synchrotron radiation facility, MAX IV. Simultaneously, the European x-ray facility XFEL will be established in Hamburg, Germany.

These three facilities expand the limits for what material research can do. With these facilities Northern Europe will be a centre for scientific research within hard, soft, and biological materials. With applications within a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnological components for the food industry, and new energy technologies the facilities will also be able to function as a booster to research and innovation in Denmark, thus having a vital impact on business growth.

ESS and MAX IV as Growth Engines for the Capital Region of Denmark is a partnership designed to gear the capital region to exploit the significant growth potential related to the establishment of ESS and MAX IV in Lund and XFEL in Hamburg. The project ended in December 2014.

In its lifetime, the project made links between companies, universities and facilities, worked to attract international labor and businesses to ESS, MAXIV and XFEL and prepared a number of analyzes of a.o. application possibilities.

The project partners were the Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, the Capital Region of Denmark, City of Copenhagen, Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge & Urban Development, Copenhagen Capacity, Scion DTU, Copenhagen Bio Science Park, and the Confederation of Danish Industry.

The project had a budget of DKK 24.6 million and is supported by the Capital Region Growth Forum and the European Regional Development Fund.

Read more about the project activities here.


25 APRIL 2019